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Dr. Jared Rykiss

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Dr. Jared Rykiss has always had an interest and a passion for orthodontics. Amidst his years of hockey and golf ; Jared managed to excel at academics. Dr. Jared continues to give back to the University of Manitoba Dental School by offering his mentorship to the dental students as well as offering the students a practicum at one of our three Orthodontic offices. 

Dr. Jared graduated from University of Manitoba with his B Sc Dent, DMD and a M Sc Orthodontics and earned several awards, scholarships and academic acknowledgements. With many practice opportunities, Dr. Jared chose to stay in his beloved Winnipeg (and this decision was made even before the return of the Winnipeg Jets).  His love of problem solving and desire to continue and enhance the Rykiss legacy of excellence in orthodontics has resulted in a great partnership.

Dr. Jared has expanded your orthodontic treatment options by offering Incognito, also called “inside or hidden braces”. He has already earned the designation of “Incognito Premier Provider”.

Dr. Jared will continue to bring innovation and technological advances to the practice to build upon the name you have come to trust. Besides his cutting edge knowledge and excellent technical knowledge and ability, he makes each appointment, each adjustment, each interaction a positive and enjoyable experience.

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