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Early Treatment Appliances

Many orthodontic problems are growth related and have to do with the position, shape and size of the jaws (jaw relationship). While a child is still growing, appliances can be comfortably and effectively used to correct jaw relationship as well as make room for all future adult teeth. In all cases, early treatment will prevent the need for multiple extractions (removal) of baby and permanent teeth.



We Offer the Latest in Bracing Technology

Orthodontics > Options > BracesOur self-ligating system features clear brackets on the upper front six teeth and metal on the upper back and lower teeth. While elastics around each brace are no longer necessary, you may choose “colours” (coloured elastics) just for fun (elastics used to be placed around each bracket to hold down the wire).

Dr. Mark or Dr. Jared may prescribe elastic wear to correct your bite. These elastics are connected from hooks on your upper brackets to hook on the lower brackets. They can be removed for mealtime and replaced with new elastics after brushing. No more spacers, molar rings or ligature ties to poke, rub and irritate the inside of your mouth!

Our Orthodontists prefer this self-ligating system because it is easier to clean, more comfortable and promotes and encourages better bone development (broader smiles). Our patients appreciate the shorter appointments, less frequent appointments, and shorter overall treatment time as well as the enhanced comfort.

We will go over all of this information at your new patient exam and address any questions you might have. We will review oral hygiene practice immediately after your braces go on and send you home with everything you need to keep your braces nice and clean.

In some cases, the doctors will prescribe the Forsus Appliance which will be connected to the braces after a period of time and usually worn for a portion of the treatment. The Forsus provides stunning changes to profile and is used in cases where the lower jaw position is significantly behind the position of the upper jaw resulting in protruding upper teeth. If this treatment option is recommended, Dr. Rykiss and his staff will discuss this at your new patient exam.

Or... you may choose our braceless system, Invisalign.